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Sachiko Inuzuka

Remedial Massage & Bowen Therapist
Sachiko Inuzuka - Health Space Clinics

Sachiko is qualified in remedial massage, soft tissue (Canberra Institute of Technology, 2013) and Bowen therapy.

She was a dental hygienist in Japan, but after moving to Australia, she began studying the human body. She has a passion for pain management and body maintenance and is committed to providing her clients with both physical and mental support.

Sachiko uses a variety of techniques:

Remedial massage - reduce pain, treat sports injuries, relaxation, stress release.
Soft tissue & myofascial release - this is more focus on the fascia and soft tissue work.
Pregnancy massage - relaxation, remedial, treat lower back pain, swollen hands and legs.
Bowen Therapy - holistic bodywork, Bowen helps chronic illnesses including Lyme disease and MS.
Dry needling - headaches, lower back pain, pre-event, post-event sports massage.
Lymphatic drainage - low immune system, post surgery, lumpectomy, oedema etc. This is a very relaxing massage technique.
Kinesio tape (Japanese style) - Oedema, all pain issues, posture corrections.
Japanese style osteopathy - this is a very gentle technique but very effective.
Nerve impingement treatment - numbness in hands, legs.

Traditional cupping therapy - Activating natural pain relievers found in the body, Improving circulation and promoting healthy functioning of blood vessels.

Currently, she is studying traditional Chinese medicine at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Sachiko has a very positive and easy-going attitude. She enjoys bush-walking, travelling, cycling and holding traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

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