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Peter Furness

Remedial Massage Therapist
Peter Furness - Health Space Clinics

Peter Furness has an avid interest in movement and keeping our bodies and our minds as nimble and agile as possible. Peter’s perspective on health, wellness, training and physicality has been honed from years as a professional contemporary dancer as well as an avid sports fan and movement practitioner. His interest in minimising injury in dancers led him to Remedial Massage in 2002 and he has been exploring movement, injury prevention and physical training ever since. Even as a dancer Peter was exploring ways of combining different movement modalities and training to augment his movement. Yoga and strength training being a most influential exploration in his development as a dancer. After a 16 year degree in the Arts in Australia and the UK, Peter returned to Sydney in 2008 and has been working as a Remedial Therapist since. Since retiring from performing, he has returned to recreational sport, most notably with his volleyball pursuits which has seen him travel around the world. Cross Fit, and Olympic lifting were a shift away from the ballet barre when he first arrived in Sydney and he’s been exploring training regimes and physical conditioning as a result. Most recently Peter is passionate about Calisthenics and Gymnastics working with Alan Peacock at Move Method and training the body to move better and be adaptable beyond age limitations. Why not do the splits at 50? Peter has a healthy interest in Eastern philosophy and approaching the body from the principles of ancient medicine. He has worked closely with Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners in his time as a Remedial Therapist, and has practiced yoga for 25 years and had an avid interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classical medicines and how they compliment contemporary western approaches to health. Peter has been a business owner since 2012 as co-director of Sydney Bodyworks and most recently as Director of Max Remedial in the Sydney CBD, He has been a resident of the inner west of Sydney since 2009. Peter has been effectively treating a broad range of complaints and symptoms, with attention to bio-mechanic assessment and manual therapy to create ideal alignment and function of the body. He is a big believer in regular movement practices and being active in your recovery. Exercises prescription is a passion and he continues to investigate how better to make our bodies move free from pain and how we can be proactive in ensuring our quality of life and health. Peter has been an avid writer on health and wellness with his BLOG at, investigating science based discoveries along with alternative approaches to health and wellness and discussing current topics and trends in wellness and lifestyle. Peter is also a co-host of the podcast “Happiness for Cynics” a fun look at happiness and the ongoing development and research of positive psychology and how we can all be ‘happier’. Peter is currently enrolled in his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at University of Western Sydney and is most excited about bringing his breadth of experience and joining the Allied Health Industry.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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