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Patricia Rufus

Patricia Rufus - Health Space Clinics

Patricia is a Sydney based naturopath who's interest in health started when she was fourteen years old. Patricia suffered from severe acne and tried every possible solution (or so she thought!) that was available.

After seeing many skin specialists/doctors and spending a lot of time and money on drugs and skin products, Patricia was starting to lose hope. Many of the prescribed treatments offered temporary results that did not address the root cause of the problem but rather acted as a bandaid solution. Some of the solutions presented to her at such a young age like the contraceptive pill and roaccutane left her with side effects that she had to work on reversing.

Patricia came across a book that ignited her passion for health and wellness and made her a total believer in the "food as medicine"approach to living.

The book was about our largest organ; the skin, and how the key to external vibrancy and beauty was all about your internal health!

Patricia started cooking all her meals for herself, drinking lots of water and used her first jobs pay check to buy her ingredients and natural supplements. Her family thought she was going a bit mad!

Within a few months her acne started to reduce, she had lost fluid retention and people were telling her how amazing she looked!

From here on Patricia knew she would be an advocate for healthy living, helping others reach their health goals using diet and lifestyle approaches.

Treating skin disorders is a personal interest of Patricia's but she works with patients with a wide variety of complaints from, acute colds and flu's to more serious chronic cases. These include: allergies, gastrointestinal symptoms, menstrual or menopausal problems, men’s health, cardiovascular issues, autoimmune diseases, pre-conception care, fertility, weight loss, stress and insomnia.

She also loves to guide people, especially babies and children, in how to achieve optimum health.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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