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Milan Kovac

Remedial/ Sports Massage Therapist
Milan Kovac - Health Space Clinics

Milan completed his Diploma in Remedial Massage at the NSW School of Massage in April 2015.

After arriving in Sydney from his home country of Slovakia Milan discovered the benefits of natural therapies. Milans' interest in natural health took on a journey and brought him to learn the technique of massage in 2013. His passion lies within the sport injury and muscle pain, he endeavours to help each and every one of his clients to complete recovery and participating in their chosen activity faster.

Milan incorporates different types of massage techniques such as relaxation, sports massage, remedial massage, aromatherapy as well as the Gua sha in order to rehabilitate his client’s body and mind. He also integrates different Myofascial Release, Trigger Point and Therapeutic Stretching in his Sport Massages.

Milans' goal is to help people overcome muscle aches, fatigue, relieve swelling, prevent injuries, promote flexibility, improve heart rate and blood pressure, increase blood circulation, decrease joint pain and stress. Milans' goal is also to inspire people to reach their optimum health both physically and mentally. He is available to answer any questions regarding your care.

Milan Kovac - Massage Therapist Availability: Sydney CBD (Fitness First Bond Street) Ph: (02) 9042 0100

Tuesdays: 8am-7pm Wednesdays: 8am-7pm Thursdays: 8am-7pm Fridays: 8am-6pm

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