Mellissa Melhem

Kinesiologist, Angelic Reiki Practitioner
Mellissa Melhem - Health Space Clinics

Mellissa is a holistic intuitive practitioner incorporating Kinesiology, Angelic Reiki and Essential Oils to assist and guide her clients to increase their health, vitality and connection with their inner self. She was diagnosed with Major Depression in 2010 and found that traditional Western Medicine helped but she was still searching for more answers. She sought the help of a Kinesiologist and found a holistic approach of self-discovery was what she needed. Finding that tackling her inner most fears and limiting beliefs was thing the to overcome her depression and give her a new lease on life.

Being inspired by her own Kinesiologist and personal transformation, she is now a qualified Kinesiologist, Angelic Reiki Practitioner and Doterra Wellness Advocate. Her journey is to assist, guide and facilitate positive change within her clients, helping them overcome their own challenges, so that they can live to their fullest potential and exceed their own expectation.

Focusing on Personal Development and Inner-self work, Mellissa can transform your life. Her areas of expertise are Depression, Anxiety, Childhood traumas and achieving life goals. Kinesiology works to balance “Chi” or Life energy to allow the body to help heal itself through using muscle monitoring techniques. Mellissa’s technique is gentle, simple and direct to access the subconscious mind and release anything physical, emotional or mental that might be of resistance to achieving your life goals. By releasing these blockages, there is a reduction in stress, improved sleep and thought patterns, an increase in physical and emotional well being and her client’s have the clarity to move forward with their journey in life.

FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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