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Maximiliane Momm

Massage Therapist
Maximiliane Momm - Health Space Clinics

After completing her Certificate IV of Massage Therapy at the NSW School of Massage, Maxi joined the Health Space team in December 2018, whilst continuing her studies for her Advanced Diploma of Massage Therapy. She is an accredited member with the Massage & Myotherapy Australia (AAMT).

Growing up with various outdoor sports in Germany, Maxi has a deep love for the body’s ability to move pain free and without restriction in all aspects of life. Having suffered her own injuries and postural imbalances due to overusing and overworking her own body, she has now developed a deep passion to help you to move freely and happily with the help of a combination of massage treatments, as well as strengthening exercises and other treatments.

Maxi believes that the best way to restore your body’s balance is to combine various therapeutic techniques. Working in a multi-disciplinary clinic enhances the efficacy of her treatments and provides you the best possible opportunity to achieve optimal health goals. Her techniques include trigger point therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, deep tissue massage and active/passive release techniques.

Her experience within the fitness industry gives her a unique insight in how to treat both athletes as well as weekend warriors who are seeking remedial treatment to improve recovery, assist performance and maintain an over-all high level of health and fitness.

Maxi practices at the Redfern and Lane Cove clinics from Monday - Saturday. To book an appointment with her, call 8046 5460.

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