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Marta Saracevic

Bioresonance Therapist
Marta Saracevic - Health Space Clinics

Bioresonance therapy was the key to Marta’s health. Rescuing her from the merry-go-round of traditional medicinal options. It gave Marta her health back, and more. Now, as a practising Bioresonance therapist, she helps people discover the benefits of this holistic approach to health, and the results are amazing.

This is her story.

After a few years of travelling and living abroad, Marta became ill. What started as stomach pains became an ongoing issue, progressing to a point where she could no longer enjoy food, suffering cramps and unbearable discomfort after each meal.

Seeking answers from traditional and natural medicine for more than 2 years left her exhausted and frustrated. She tried numerous courses of medications and supplements, lengthy elimination diets, frequent blood tests, and scans, and she was still far from healthy. It seemed she had tried everything without any positive results.

When a friend recommended Bioresonance therapy, she had no option but to try it. As she researched this holistic alternative she was intrigued and hopeful that this could provide the key to her wellbeing. It was everything she hoped it would be.

It started with basic testing for a variety of stressors, which uncovered parasites, a salicylate intolerance and an imbalance of heavy metals in her system - all of which are difficult to detect using conventional methods. By maintaining a regular treatment plan, she was once again able to enjoy food. Not to mention a noticeable improvement in her overall health, with hay fever and allergy symptoms diminishing in the process. She finally had her life back and was feeling better than she had in years!

Bioresonance therapy has helped many people, like Marta, regain their natural state of wellbeing. Now, as a Bioresonance therapist at Health Space she is on a mission to help others regain theirs.

Bioresonance therapy has had amazing results treating the following issues.
- Allergies
- Food Intolerances
- Headaches
- Hormonal Imbalances
- Chronic Fatigue
- Muscle and Joint Pain
- Fungal Infections
- Digestive issues
- Skin Conditions
- Emotional Wellbeing

Get in touch to find out how it can work for you. Your wellbeing is worth it!

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