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Luca Orlandi

Energetic Healer
Luca Orlandi - Health Space Clinics

During many years in the luxury retail industry, working for the most prestigious international brands like Armani, Prada, Gucci and Versace, Luca has also taken his personal journey to an inward level. Having experienced firsthand the search for happiness in acquiring more goods, becoming prettier, wealthier, trendier he noticed that certain human needs were not acquirable on the shop floor regardless on your level of income.

Out of curiosity and personal interest he started to explore a holistic approach to life in 2007, just before moving to Australia from Italy. During his exploration he obtained a Diploma in Energetic Healing from Nature Care College in Sydney, where he also integrated studies with a Professional Certificate in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and is currently studying a Professional Certificate in Meditation Facilitation.

“Everything is made of energy. This is the basic understanding that allows us to embrace reality as a whole. Being able to resonate with the natural flow of energy in our life allows us to live a life that fulfils our soul, guiding us toward our purpose”

With his professional approach of meeting customer needs and the knowledge acquired during his course of studies at the end of 2015 he founded “Ynot You”, with the goal to create a space where people can focus on themselves and their life journey, restoring the balance that if lost can cause us diseases, discomfort and ultimately unhappiness.

“Life is an opportunity given to us in order to learn and grow from our own personal experiences. I believe there is not a right or wrong way to live our days as long as we keep our own personal balance, in full respect of others and the environment”

Luca continues to explore systems and modalities that he resonates the most with, like Aura Soma and Crystal Light Healing. Through “Ynot You” Luca can now share his findings with clients in order to help them restore their personal balance and live a fulfilled life.

Luca through Energetic Healing can assist with: - Restoring balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level - Dealing with stressful situations - Dealing with changes in life - Deepening your self discovery and self knowledge

Academic background: - Diploma of Energetic Healing, Nature Care College Sydney, 2016 - Professional Certificate in EFT and Energetic Tools for Transformation, Nature Care College Sydney, 2016 - Aura-Soma: Essential Presenter Certificate, 2016 - Aura-Soma: Essential Instructor Certificate, 2016 - Crystal Light Healing Practitioner Certificate, 2016

Membership: - IICT: International Institute for Complementary Therapists: full membership

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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