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Laurence Kim

Laurence Kim - Health Space Clinics

Laurence is an enthusiastic and an empathetic Chiropractor who understands and acknowledges that no individuals are the same and each patient deserves a compassionate and personalized care that is suited to their personal goals.

Laurence graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science Degree, followed by a Masters of Chiropractic degree and is currently a dedicated Chiropractor at the Health Space Burwood & Castle Hill team. Although he is Australian-born, he speaks fluent Korean as his second language. He is also a devout Catholic, who is committed to teaching children of all ages at a local Catholic Church.

Laurence has been involved in a wide-array of sports from Tae Kwon Do, Football, Rugby and competitive level Basketball. He suffered multiple sporting injuries himself, limiting his abilities both on the court and every day activities. He experienced the positive benefits of Chiropractic care for injured joints and muscles, and ultimately his quality of life. He understands the amount of discomfort and limitations that injuries and pain can bring, and will go the extra step to provide the best possible care to restore the patients’ health. Laurence has a particular interest in mid-back & low-back pain, sporting injuries, neck pain and headaches. This passion lead to write his Master’s thesis on chronic back pain and manipulation.

Laurence utilizes a variety of manual manipulative techniques ranging from Diversified, Gonstead and Thompson Drop-Table to provide safe, gentle and effective care. Additionally, he incorporates soft tissue treatments and other ancillary techniques that help accelerate the recovery. He also ensures his patients are prescribed with specific rehabilitation exercises, along with a suitable postural and nutritional advise that will promote the maintenance of optimal health and quality of life. Laurence is confident in the benefits that Chiropractic can provide for your health.

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