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Kate Gray

Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc (Nut. Med., Dist.)
Kate Gray - Health Space Clinics

Kate holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. Kate’s health journey has been arduous. Despite the downturn, she uses this experience to enable her to connect with you and understand your situation from all levels. With a lifelong history of migraines and asthma, then breast cancer at 28; Kate successfully turned to food and supplements for her health and vitality.

Kate has successfully recognised and treated food intolerances in her children, managing eczema and behavioural issues through diet. Kate’s knowledge of food is remarkable; she will explain and guide you through the process of why and how; from quercetin in onions lowering the allergic response to curcumin in turmeric decreasing inflammation and bitter leafy greens stimulating the liver to rid you of toxins.

She’s always been a foodie who loves to cook, and now makes healthy and tasty food that caters to a range of intolerances. Kate is genuinely excited to share her knowledge and passion, and help others find their way back to an improved gut, immunity and overall wellness too.

She is known in the Hornsby community to be passionate about helping us and has a personlised approach to dietary and lifestyle advice. Just like herself, she knows that everyone is different and personalises treatment to incorporate your mind, body and emotions for a holistic approach.

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