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Jenna Surland

Naturopath Batchelor of Health Science
Jenna Surland - Health Space Clinics

Jenna is a caring and practical Naturopath who is passionate about giving her clients the tools they need to be physically and mentally healthy and resilient long term. She has a very holistic approach to her clients and takes a zoomed-out view of the systems of the body, seeing how they’re interacting and what imbalances may be contributing to a client’s unique presentation. She uses an eclectic tool kit, personalising treatments to best serve the client’s goals and preferences.

These therapies include; evidence based nutritional supplements, food as medicine, herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping, meditation and mindfulness exercises as well as a variety of lifestyle adaptations to create the foundations for a long, healthy life as well as assist with the client’s presenting concerns.

Jenna is a Northern Beaches local who loves going for bush walks and swims in the ocean. She’s always been active, growing up dancing, practicing tai kwon do and playing volley ball. Now a fun dance class or a tough weight session in the gym is her activity of choice, but she loves a challenge and trying new things. Jenna believes regular movement is essential for whole – person wellbeing and wants to make it fun!

Jenna has always had an interest in science, health and well-being, and graduated her Bachelor in Health Science Naturopathy in 2018 at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. Since then she has developed an interest in gut health and mental health and has completed post graduate training in functional digestive disorders and autoimmune conditions. Jenna also uses pathology testing to dig deeper into her client’s presentations, get clear answers about what is contributing to their experiences and symptom.

In addition to autoimmune and digestive presentations, Jenna also has great success in supporting women’s hormone imbalances, metabolic syndrome, blood sugar and cholesterol issues, weight management, insomnia, skin conditions and healthy ageing.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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