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Jan Denecke

Jan Denecke - Health Space Clinics

Jan's experience with health and nutrition started back in his home country the Netherlands. As managing editor he was in charge of a health and weight loss magazine and website and he worked for the Dutch edition of delicious magazine. Jan has also been teaching yoga and writing about yoga since 2007.

After moving to Sydney in 2011 Jan decided to study nutritional medicine at ACNT as an addition to yoga. Little did he know that obtaining and maintaining optimal health was more than counting calories, regular exercise, and watching your weight. The depth in which nutritional medicine promotes human health from a micro nutrient perspective caught his interest and curiosity and has, ever since, been a continuous area of research for Jan. After finishing his Advanced Diploma in 2014 Jan continued his education by studying a Bachelor of Health Science.

Jan believes there are no set solutions for achieving a healthier you. Lifestyle, diet, your history of health, personality, and stage of life are just a few aspects that come to mind. This “holistic” approach helps to create a treatment plan that is unique and personalised to your situation and health.

With a background in journalism, magazine and online publishing, yoga and meditation Jan feels he can offer a broader approach to health and wellbeing. One that is based on latest evidence based research, life experience, best practices but most importantly: you.

Jan also is a nutritionist at the Gastrointestinal Unit of Macquarie University Hospital. Here he works with patients with digestive conditions such as IBS, IBD, and coeliac disease.

Jan has worked with different clients and health conditions such as:
- weight loss
- allergies
- hormonal issues
- digestive issues
- women's health (PMS, menopause)
- metabolic issues (diabetes, thyroid)
- cancer treatment support
- fertility
- stress and anxiety
- general health

Besides a nutritionist Jan is a Senior yoga and meditation teacher at wholefood cafe and yoga studio Egg of the Universe in Rozelle and other studios. He loves cooking, writing and photography.

Jan Denecke - Nutritionist Availability:

Rozelle Ph: (02) 9810 8769

Tuesdays: 9am-4pm
Thursdays: 12am-7pm
Fridays: 3pm-7:30pm

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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