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Dr. Jake Bradshaw

Dr. Jake Bradshaw - Health Space Clinics

Jake is a very passionate Chiropractor who aims to tailor treatments specifically to patient needs, using a multi-disciplinary approach to gain optimal health for his patients.

His love for health and well-being started at a young age, through participation in various sports with accompanying injuries shining the light on Chiropractic. He currently plays as a semi-professional soccer player and in the past has represented teams at various State levels and played overseas.

Through his background in sport, Jake enjoys treating and preventing injuries but is also able to assist with chronic limb and spinal aches and pains. Jake is a firm believer in posture and structure as key facets to pain prevention, particulary given the demand and strain everyday life can place on the body.

Jake uses Diversified technique, Gonstead technique, drop-piece technique and various soft tissue techniques - all tailored to specific patient needs. He believes that rehabilitation activities, functional, lifestyle and ergonomic advice are all vital aspects of improving quality of health and wellbeing.

Jake encourages his patients to strive to function at their best, to make the most of their everyday - and equally strives himself to facilitate this for his patients through his Chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Jake Bradshaw - Chiropractor Availability: Health Fund Accredited | Health Fund Rebates Newtown Ph: (02) 9557 1277

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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