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Jack Worthington

Chiropractor B. Chiropractic science, M. Chiropractic.
Jack Worthington - Health Space Clinics

Jack has had a keen interest in Chiropractic care after his first visit with a chiropractor when he was 15 years old. He is a graduate from Macquarie University, with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic. He has loved and participated in a variety of sports growing up with a keen interest in Rugby League/Union. After sustaining multiple injuries including various knee surgeries, Jack grew a passion for how the body works, especially the rehabilitation and treatment of sporting injuries through Chiropractic care.

Jack attended Waverley college in the Eastern Suburbs where he found a love for the beach and the active lifestyle of the area. He is very outgoing as well as family orientated and is a firm believer in the importance of finding a balance between work-social life.

Since graduating, he has gained extensive experience in the treatment of low back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, postural assessments, sports related injuries and biomechanics. Through implementing a variety of techniques such as diversified, Thompson, activator tool, dry-needling, soft-tissue work, rehab, sports and postural taping, Jack is confident in his ability to cater to a patient’s specific individual needs.

Jack believes that no two patients are the same and takes time to tailor the treatment to the individual using the latest evidence-based care.

Jack Worthington - Chiropractor Availability:

Kingsford Ph: (02) 9663 2151

Mondays: 1pm-7pm
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Fridays: 8am-1pm
Saturdays: 8am-12pm

Bondi Junction Ph: (02) 9389 0890

Tuesdays: 8am-7pm
Thursday: 8am-7pm

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