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Gracielle Melim

Gracielle Melim - Health Space Clinics

After spending 12 years as a market research leader working at boutique agencies and top-tier global organisations, Gracielle realised she was in survival mode living her life with chronic neck and back pain, stressed, fatigued and feeling unfulfilled. It was while visiting a chiropractor in 2010 that she discovered her calling. He was working on her using Applied Kinesiology as a tool to investigate the stressors behind her pain and uncovered emotional and biochemical imbalances. The harmony in her body and mind was restored and she left that session pain-free. That was her first experience with kinesiology and soon after she decided to pursue a career in kinesiology to have that same impact in other people’s lives.

Gracielle became a qualified kinesiologist in 2012 and her mission is to become a catalyst for health and wellbeing enrichment to as many individuals as possible by helping them restore balance in all areas of life:
- Mental/emotional/spiritual: negative thinking, stress, fear, reoccurring self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, trauma, anxiety, depression, lack of identity, relationship issues, poor coping mechanism, inability to achieve goals
- Physical: pains and aches, injuries, poor posture, limited range of movement
- Biochemical: low immune system function, sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, cravings, addictions

Having 6 practitioner qualifications, Gracielle combines kinesiology, coaching, neuro linguistic programming and positive psychology techniques to help her clients identify the underlying cause(s) behind their issues and address them on that level.

Her experience and areas of interest are:
- Pain management
- Stress, depression and anxiety management
- Emotional stress release
- Fatigue
- Digestive issues
- Sleeping difficulty
- Mental fogginess and poor concentration
- Low self-confidence and self-esteem
- Fears, phobias and traumas
- Ailments

Gracielle is registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and a resident practitioner at Health Space Surry Hills.

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