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Evie Maiolo

Herbal Medicine & Iridology
Evie Maiolo - Health Space Clinics

Evie has been a Herbalist and Iridologist since 2005. Her passion for Natural Medicine was sparked during completion of her Bachelor of Science Degree at UNSW, where the intricacies and complexity of the working of the Human Body were truly awe-inspiring.

She went on to complete a further Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine, with Dorothy Hall - one of the founders of the ATMS in Australia, and a revered figure in the professional field. She also has travelled to the Amazon, Peru, and Fiji, to participate in tours to learn about native medicinal plants and their uses. It was fascinating to see the locals’ extensive knowledge of these medicinal plants – knowledge that has been tried, tested, and passed down for generations.

Despite Herbal Medicine being a practice that goes back generations, Evie values the scientific aspect also, and stays current with her study of clinical research trials in the industry, so she can offer the most effective yet gentle treatments.

Evie’s is a busy mum of two active young boys, and has experienced how effective natural remedies can be in treating childhood ailments.

As hobbies, Evie loves the outdoors – Bushwalking, Cycling with her boys, and Horseriding are some pasttimes. She has been a piano player for over 35 years. She teaches piano to a small handful of students, to share her hobby and foster her creative side. For Evie, music is a soothing and relaxing pastime.

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