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Dr. Luke Nisbett

Chiropractor, Owner & Director- Mona Vale & Brookvale Clinics
Dr. Luke Nisbett - Health Space Clinics

Luke is always driving his passion and taking further steps to deliver top end treatment to athletes of all levels. He proactively engages with the sporting community through his means; such as supporting events on the sidelines, organising talks to reach out to athletes and leading workshops to treat those who are immobile. Luke has been able to do this through thorough individual assessments of biomechanics, injury screening and medical advice to help the athletes achieve optimal performance.

Luke was born on the North Shore but was drawn to the attractions and lifestyle the Northern Beaches has to offer. Now living in Manly after completing research in trialling the effect of manual adjustments on the biomechanics of the Australian Kayaking Squad. Luke’s natural interaction and understanding with athletes came from ‘being in their shoes’ through a whole life dedicated to playing Rugby.

Working in Mona Vale was an easy decision for Luke, as he mirrors the similarity in community, active lifestyle, and high potential for Chiropractic growth. Luke is always striving to better himself for others; he has completed the International Diploma of Sports Chiropractic. An honour he plans to help further his ambitions to manage athletes at the Olympic and World Games.

Being a qualified Trigenics Practitioner, Remedial therapist and in Musculoskeletal Acupuncturist means Luke incorporates many different soft tissues and dry needling techniques with the more manual chiropractic techniques such as diversified, gonstead, thompson and activator, to create different approaches to an individual’s treatment; with amazing results.

The array of treatments Luke is accomplished in, combined with appropriate functional training, spinal rehabilitation, nutritional and lifestyle advice. X-rays are also taken and examined where necessary. It’s genuine to Luke that his clients have an action plan to achieve their own, personal level of activeness through functional movement and nutrition. Backed up with a multimodal, evidence-based approach, ensuring they get the best possible outcome for their investment.

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