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Dr. Luke Nisbett

Chiropractor, Owner & Director at Mona Vale, Brookvale & Pyrmont Clinics
Dr. Luke Nisbett - Health Space Clinics

Luke has been the co owner of Health Space Mona Vale and Brookvale practices since 2016 and playing a vital role in building Health Space Clinics into one of the largest multi disciplinary health groups in Australia.

Luke graduated from Macquarie university in 2013, where he took a graduate position with Health Space, and has now spent years perfecting the “magic” of Chiropractic. Luke uses a combination of differing techniques, from low force Activator, Thompson, to more high velocity Diversified, Gonstead and Active Muscle Releases. This is all adapted depending on the clients desires and needs. This flexibility allows Luke to see clients of all ages and backgrounds from paediatrics, pregnancy, to athletes, the elderly and weekend warriors. “Essentially it all comes back to making sure that every patients structure is governing their function and the brain speaks to the body. If our skeletal or muscular alignment stops this from happening then we can get hands on to alleviate it, then work on an exercise program to maintain it.” Luke uses DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation) technique to re-correct movement patterns, shift client’s functional behaviours and enhance athletic performance.

Since graduating Luke has spent countless hours learning new skills and staying up to date with the most recent health guidelines and evidence. He has participated in research at Charles Sturt Uni, with the Australian Kayaking squad, assessing the benefit of Adjustments on their biomechanics.

Over the last few years an emerging passion in Luke’s life has been with the ‘Giving Health Foundation’ providing health services in the slums of Manila, developing health education, and empowering several communities to adopt their ‘stroke and diabetes prevention program’. This guides Luke’s ambitions to get out into the Northern Beaches community and share his knowledge as he is regularly participates in talks or runs workshops which raises funds towards ‘Giving Health’.

Luke’s keen interest in sports such as Rugby, Cricket and Surfing have motivate him to pursue working with the elite. Luke is currently on the WSL (world surfing league) medical mentoring program and works at the Manly Vissla Pro, aiding surf pros to get the most out of their bodies.

It is obvious that Luke’s personality and values comes through into his Practice as he is always there for his clients, putting them first, and always willing to go the extra mile to help.

Dr. Luke Nisbett - Chiropractor Availability: Mona Vale Ph: (02) 9979 8887

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