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Dr. Fleur Castlereagh

Chiropractor, Kinesiologist
Dr. Fleur Castlereagh - Health Space Clinics

Dr Fleur Castlereagh is Chiropractor working in clinic and on the sports field for the past 19 years. Fleur is also a qualified Pilates Instructor and Fitness Instructor which complements her work as a Chiropractor. She uses a combination of techniques including manual adjustments, joint mobilisation, soft tissue work, Activator Method and Applied Kinesiology. Previously Fleur was an athlete, so she has a special interest in treating sports injuries and challenging spinal conditions. She aims to get your body functioning at its optimum so you can feel great as you age, and stay active and pain-free as long as possible.

PRIVATE PILATES SESSIONS At Health Space Newtown Fleur now runs private Pilates classes that are designed specifically for each person. This is great for beginners or for people that have special requirements. The initial session involves a series of muscle and flexibility tests, postural examination, joint range of motion and functional movement analysis. From there, she designs a program based on your needs. The aim is to achieve optimal results for you.

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise with many benefits including:

• Improving core stability and strength • Total body conditioning and toning • Improving posture • Correcting muscle imbalances • Better sports performance

PILATES FOR INJURIES If you have suffered a sports injury and want to exercise safely and effectively, Pilates is a great way to begin. We can determine what may have caused your injury in the first place and design a program to get you back to being active. Fleur was an elite athlete previously and she has extensive experience with treating sports injuries successfully.

PREGNANCY PILATES During pregnancy, it is extremely important to maintain and improve your strength and flexibility throughout each trimester as well as after the birth. Pregnancy Pilates is a safe and effective way of preparing your body for the birth process, as it targets specific muscle groups. Fleur has completed extra studies in Pilates for pregnancy, so her programs are very beneficial.

Dr. Fleur Castlereagh - Chiropractor Availability:

Health Fund Accredited | Health Fund Rebates

Newtown Ph: (02) 9557 1277

Mondays: 8AM-7PM Thursdays: 8AM-7PM

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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