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Dr Emma Cormack

Chiropractor / Kinesiologist
Dr Emma Cormack - Health Space Clinics

Emma holds a long, impressive list of qualifications; from a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science Masters Chiropractic, Science Certificate of Functional Neuromuscular Assessment, Holistic Kinesiology Certificate IV, Total Body Modification (Kinesiology certificate) Certificate of NET (Neuro-emotional Technique) to a Bachelor of Arts Music. She continues to swell her professional profile with kinesiology, paediatrics & pregnancy and nutrition studies.

In the clinic, Emma gives you a holistic approach to our treatment, with a patient’s understanding; as she had unfortunate health in her early twenties. She embraces our mental health combined with manual chiropractic adjustments, including Diversified and Thompson technique, soft tissue works to restore optimum biomechanical function and TBM (Total Body Modification); a form of kinesiology which uses muscle testing as a way to uncover dysfunction of bodily systems and stressors held in the body.

Health Space provides a holistic platform for Emma to deliver the right treatment to you, supporting her style of therapy that balances the body from not only the structural integrity, but the emotional and chemical make up as well.

Emma was born in Freshwater, but like most, could not peel herself away from the attractions of the Northern Beaches. She has found herself residing in Newport, a relaxed, friendly neighbourhood that offers the supporting community she wants to be a part of, and a quick hop to the Clinic in Mona Vale.

The conservation of nature and our resources is an important cause for Emma. Newport provides Emma with the opportunity to play her part, and experiment with the concept of food as medicine; eliminating all chemicals and artificial elements from our environment through diet. Thus, providing a supporting remedy for her Chiropractic treatment through food; with a fun and vibrant way to perform our part.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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