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Dr. Callum Forrest

Dr. Callum Forrest - Health Space Clinics

Callum graduated from AECC Chiropractic University in the UK with a Masters of Chiropractic in 2011. Having practiced in the South of England for two years he and his wife took the step of moving to Australia to further their careers in a country that has gained a reputation of being a world leader in Chiropractic care.

Callum enjoys treating all ages of the public and has a special interest in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Callum’s functional approach to movement and injury prevention has allowed him to work with Paralympians, Rugby Union, Soccer and CrossFit Athletes from all across New South Wales.

"Movement really is the key-stone of health. Too often we allow our quality of movement to be reduced by the day to day actions and positions we put our body through. Identifying these movement flaws and providing a strategy for improvement is key. Too often in modern health care the symptoms are treated rather than the cause which will inevitably lead to re-occurrence and reduced function, a spiral I am passionate about preventing. This is where Chiropractic analysis and treatment stands head and shoulders above the rest."

Callum is one of only a few Chiropractors to deliver yearly talks to the GP’s in the Inner West.

“Building strong relationships with local health care practitioners including Doctors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Dentists and Nutritionists ensures a collaborative approach to health care which is vital in providing the best care and management for patients”

Callum uses a variety of techniques to suit the client including manual techniques such as Diversified and Thompson drop piece with more gentler techniques such as mobilisations and activator. Callum incorporates soft tissue techniques with his treatments as well as nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Callum enjoys keeping fit and healthy competing in Triathlons and half marathons since his move to Australia. Whilst in the UK he played a high level of rugby in the. His rugby highlight was representing Scotland U18's in the European Championship.

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