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Carmel Catanuto

Counsellor | Gestalt and Art Therapist
Carmel Catanuto - Health Space Clinics

Carmel hears some soul-destroying stories and is in awe at the resilience of the human spirit. Curiosity, fascination and excitement are ignited in Carmel when she sees clients thrive, come alive and connect with themselves where they couldn’t before.

Carmel is a Gestalt therapist, counsellor and art therapist that listens with care and sets up a safe space for adults. She works with women who’ve been through multiple unsuccessful IVF rounds come through with a solid sense of who they are. She sees people experiencing depression and anxiety connect with an inner resilience that brings confidence to their decision making.

Carmel sees clients return to a state of balance and have an unshakeable deeper connection with themselves and others. She uses a holistic relational approach, mindfulness, art and creativity when working with people.

Her empathy and non-judgemental nature are the perfect field conditions needed for people to reveal deeper unexpressed feelings and open up.

Carmel has qualifications in Holistic Counselling, Advanced Clinical Training in Contemporary Gestalt Therapy, and Transpersonal Art Therapy. She is a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and Gestalt Australia and New Zealand (GANZ).

When she needs to revive her mind, body and soul, she has good self-care and loves nature. She likes to sing her heart out and gets a thrill at pretending she's a rock star performing at her end of year concert.

She gives unlimited hugs to her Norwegian forest rescue cat named Saffron and is in gratitude and appreciation at the divinity of how they came together.

Carmel believes that life is about connecting to self and others.

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