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Benedetta Gozzi

Bioresonance Therapist
Benedetta Gozzi - Health Space Clinics

Benedetta was born and grew up in Italy, in her early 20’s she moved to Milan for University where she started living a very demanding life in a busy city. Very soon she became ill and started developing health problems that affected her life quite badly. She went from one doctor to another, doing all sorts of blood test and scans, hoping to find the cause of her problems, but the only answer she was getting was that “it was all in her head”.

She then started to discover the world of alternative medicine and found that this was giving her more help than other traditional medical approaches. She tried a series of different methods which never seemed to fix the problem, but felt there was something very wrong with her.

After almost 10 years of trying to find answers and solutions for her health problems, Benedetta was diagnosed with Lyme and multiple other diseases such as gut issues, intestinal permeability, food intolerances, mould and mycotoxins toxicity, heavy metals toxicity, hormonal imbalances, constant lack of energy, and much more.

Benedetta found her health and happiness again through a combination of traditional medicines and alternative approaches, such as natural herbs, kinesiology and Bioresonance therapy.

She understood the importance of a holistic approach to health and that the only way to find true health is to heal the body, and mind, at the root. She soon felt within her heart and soul the urge to help other people to find their health and happiness again so decided to study and become a Bicom therapist.

Benedetta now lives a healthy life, always looking after herself with the support of kinesiology, Bicom as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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