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Ann Crealy

Massage Therapist
Ann Crealy - Health Space Clinics

Ann previously worked in the fashion industry for many years before making a career change to massage therapy. Her first memory is sitting in her initial anatomy and physiology class and thinking to herself ‘what is the tutor talking about?’ She knew however that massage therapy was where she wanted to be.

Ann attended the New Zealand College of Massage in Auckland, where she completed a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage Therapy and a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Therapy. She moved to Sydney in 2004 where she worked in the Sutherland Shire for five years before moving to the Oatley clinic in 2014.

Ann is excited to expand her knowledge on massage modalities into areas such as reflexology, KINESIO taping and dry needling. She has a special interest in trigger point therapy, cranial and myofacial techniques. Her goal is to assist and educate her clients to achieve an optimal quality of body awareness and health, accomplished through the teamwork of the client and therapist.

She loves the challenges that arise in her job, observing the ups and downs and overall positive progress of her clients towards optimal health. Reaching these goals is what she finds the most rewarding part of her work. She looks forward to welcoming you into the Oatley clinic and helping you to reach your health goals through massage therapy.

Ann Crealy - Massage Therapist Availability: Oatley Ph: (02) 9579 5100

Tuesdays: 9am-8pm Wednesdays: 9am-8pm Fridays: 9am-5pm

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