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Hansel Nguyen

B Exercise Science M. Chiropractic
Hansel Nguyen - Health Space Clinics

Hansel mission this life is to Heal and he is so blessed to be able to do this through his work. He believes there is a growing disconnect in this modern age as people no longer have time to centre themselves to their breath. As we get more plugged into technology we fall out of synch with our bodies.

Hansel pursued studies in anatomy/ movement through Exercise and Sports Science at Sydney University whilst also picking up qualifications for massage at the Australian Institute of Massage. Throughout high school and undergraduate years he participated in Rugby 7’s and amateur powerlifting but quickly found my passion was for helping team mates recover from strains and injuries and so he decided to pursue further studies to improve my manual therapy skills.

Hansel is very fortunate to have a family Physio and Chiropractic mentor guide him through decision making and this inspired him to complete my Masters of Chiropractic Sciences at Macquarie University.

He’s a big believer in biomechanics and Chiropractic is the absolute and definite foundation. His treatment style is very fluid and calls upon many manual modalities (soft tissue, reflexology, muscle energy) to restore motion whilst calming the central nervous system. His main focus is on creating a safe, sacred space for all patients, as I believe healing begins with the subconscious.

He finds that most symptoms ( stress pain, poor sleep, weakness) stem from biomechanical dysfunction and that’s what he enjoys breakdown for you in session. Conditions that Hansel can help you with include:

-stress relief
-postural/ work related injuries (overuse syndromes/sprains/strains/discs)
-gym performance (biomechanics optimization/ spine maintenance)

When Hansel’s not working he enjoy studying Salsa dancing and making outrageous videos on Instagram! What’s this world without self expression?! But nonetheless, work is a big portion of his life, so much so that he doesn’t really consider it work. Even at dinners you’ll find him darting around the table talking to people about their posture and playing with their shoulder whilst making bad jokes.

Hansel is SO excited to show you how he can serve you through my work. He looks forward to helping people in the Hills District (Pennant Hills, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Norwest) and beyond!

-sports science. Chiropractic
-Holistic care. Mission this life is to heal
-passion for anatomy and biomechanics
-hobbies: dance, powerlifting, self improvement

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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