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Lyme-Like Disease & Chronic Illness Consulting

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Unfortunately, cases of Lyme-like Diseases in Australia are on the rise, and many doctors and health care practitioners are unaware of how to manage it.

Having experienced the challenges of having an unrecognised disease first hand – elite athletes Kate and Nicholas Wood now strive to help other people with chronic, undiagnosed and Lyme-like illnesses/ diseases by looking to the cause of the problem. They then help sufferers to understand their treatment options, and assist them to create a practical plan of action.

Health Space is home to many expert practitioners who have experience treating people with chronic illness and Lyme-like illnesses. Health Space not only provides evidence based hands on treatments but also a safe place to come and be heard and helped.

Practitioners who can help you on your journey to optimal health include naturopaths, nutritionists, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, life coaches and chiropractors armed with specific information and support on nutrition, lifestyle, antibiotics, supplements, herbal anti-microbials and emotional coping skills.

For some helpful tips on improving your health and specifically dealing with a lyme-like illness, please refer to following articles and websites:

To enquire about how we can help you, email us lyme@healthspaceclinics.com.au.

Lyme Disease

Lyme literate contacts and resources
There are many resources available explaining what Lyme disease is, various theories about how it is contracted, the symptomatic stages, co-infections and various treatment options. We recommend you be careful discerning between textbook diagnosis and treatment options, and Lyme-literate recommendations. There is a PDF available called 'Lyme-Literate Contacts & Resources', available in the resource list above, to assist you on your Lyme-literate way.
Lyme-like illness treatment at Health Space
At Health Space there are many practitioners that are experienced in treating Lyme Disease from all aspects - physically, biochemically, emotionally and spiritually. The practitioners are happy to work with your medical professional or have a network of other practitioners they can refer you to if you need additional treatment or testing.

Many of the Health Space team are passionate about treating Lyme Disease using natural treatments and remedies but also understand the need for alternate medicine to work hand in hand with mainstream medicine, including antibiotic therapy. They are extensively trained in co-management of cases when clients are on high-dose antibiotics, and can help offset some of the side effects from medications. Our practitioners understand the emotional strain of Lyme Disease and provide love and support.

Many Health Space services can be used to treat Lyme Disease, including chiropractic, kinesiology physiotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, nutrition, herbalism, life coaching, reiki, lymphatic massage and yoga.

There is a PDF listed in the resource list above, called Overview of Treatment Options for Lyme Disease and Co-Infections, which gives an overview of some oral treatment options including antibiotic schedules, herbal supplements, homeopathics and anti-microbials.
Lyme disease treatment in Germany
There are numerous clinics overseas that specialise in treating Lyme Disease. We recommend doing your research and if you want more information about the St. Georg Klinik in Bad Aibling, Germany, then we can give you first hand knowledge as the two owners of Health Space, Dr Kate and Nicholas Wood, both attended the clinic in 2013 with amazing results.

The St Georg Klinik is where individuals with Lyme Disease and cancer go for treatment. It is located just outside Munich. It is an integrative therapy concept which combines conventional, alternate and scientific therapies. The St Georg Klinik provides accommodation so that patients can have all their treatments in one location.

In the resource list above, there is a PDF which outlines specific information about the clinic and the services the clinic provides. If you want more information or wish to book in to the German clinic please contact lyme@healthspaceclinics.com.au, and a Health Space consultant will assist you with your enquiries.
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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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