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Health Coaching

Overcome limiting beliefs and adopt new perspectives to health

A Health Space Health Coach facilitates healthy, sustainable, behavioural change by challenging the client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action.

Health Coaching programs take a holistic perspective of all physical, mental, emotional and lifestyle contributors to help the client identify gentle ways to bring about change, often starting with physical areas that then open the door to improved wellness in all areas of their life.

A client may be challenged with symptoms including;

  • stress, anxiety
  • low energy or sleep issues
  • emotional or binge eating
  • gut or digestive health

With the support of a coach, the client is able to identify what change is needed, why it’s important to them, work to overcome limiting beliefs and adopt new perspectives to health by integrating nutritional science, bio-individuality, and supporting the client’s inner knowing.

Coaching programs range from individual sessions addressing specific symptoms through to accountable, in-depth 6-month programs that help to manage and overcome client specific wellness goals or health issues.

As a conversational therapy, health coaching allows for freedom and flexibility for both in-clinic consults and phone sessions across Australia.

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