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Zapping away the blues of cold and flus

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Are you already dreading the thought of having to take time off from your busy work or life schedule? Taking off more sick days, or losing annual leave days because you’ve been sick too often already this year? Now is the time to be thinking about beating those nasty colds and dreaded flus from attacking you. A quick and effective way to do this is with Bioresonance therapy.

What is bioresonance therapy?

Bioresonance therapy, also known as bicom therapy, is a gentle and pain free treatment. It’s based on biophysical principles, concepts in acupuncture, homeopathy and quantum physics and has been practiced around the world for over 30 years.

How does bioresonance therapy work, and how can it help with colds and flus?

Our bodies are a system of energy, continually emitting energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. All forms of matter are made up of energy radiated in the form of electromagnetic oscillations known as frequency patterns. Every substance on earth has its own specific frequency pattern, including the body’s cells, viruses and bacteria’s. Bioresonance therapy was designed to help ‘tune’ your body back into a harmonious frequency by ‘zapping’ away the pesky little critters that cause colds and flus (amongst other ailments). Bioresonance therapy has no damaging side effects and is suitable in treating infants, adults and the elderly.

When is it best to book in a session?

When you notice that you are feeling a little run down and you feel the onset of a cold or flu, book yourself in for an express 45min BICOM treatment to zap away the blues.

What’s involved in a session?

The session will include testing certain strains that are known to be the cause of the common cold and flu symptoms. Treatment will commence with a basic treatment that boosts your energetic state, then the strains will be ‘zapped’ away. A number of immunity boosting treatments and detoxification treatments will be run. Following the treatment, all you will be asked to do is to rest up and drink lots of pure, clean (filtered) water. This will help the treatment process and will assist your body in eliminating the nasties causing you to feel this way.

A cost effective and time savvy way to fight this winters cold and flu season is with bicom therapy. It offers a safe, natural way for you and the entire family to boost your immune system and fights the viruses and bacterias without filling your body with harsh drugs and medications.

So keep this in mind if you have a pending social event, work conference, a European summer holiday, or even your wedding day this winter, and you really can’t afford to get sick!

Bicom therapy is available at our Redfern and Potts Point clinics. A 45min Booster BICOM treatment is normally $110, this winter we have a special price of $90! Call 8354 1534 to book in and take advantage of the offer*.

*Valid in between June and August 2018. One offer per client.

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