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What goes up; must come down

When it comes to stress, it seems that some foods feed the stress while others help to reduce it. Remember, a certain level of stress is normal. However too much over a long time can lead to physical problems eg headaches, upset stomachs, high blood pressure and emotional problems, including anxiety.

Have you found when you are stressed you don't crave an orange ? you are more likely to crave the high GI foods, like sweets and cakes as they are absorbed quickly, make your insulin levels rise, which in turn leads to a rise in serotonin and tryptophan, which can make you feel fabulous. But these levels drop soon after and can leave you feeling irritable and depressed. So before you go for the GI high foods, why not try :

  • Foods high in B vitamins – eg hard boiled egg, salad with green leafy vegetables.
  • Foods high in calcium and magnesium – eg steamed broccoli with a tahini dressing, a serve of good quality natural yogurt.
  • High Protein foods
  • Healthy Fats and omega 3 fatty acids – eg nuts and seeds
  • If all else fail, one square of dark chocolate may work 

For help with diet assessment and adjustments and supplements tailored to your goals and lifestyle, why not book a consult with Marie our clinical nutritionist at the Kingsford Clinic.

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