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Recipe of the Day – Fermented Vegetables

Recipe of the Day – Fermented Vegetables

Fermented vegetables are one way that we can reintroduce good bacteria into our digestive system to help recolonise the healthy bacteria in our guts and therefore take control of our own health and wellbeing. And they actually taste great!

There are several delicious fermented veggies available to buy but making your own is cheap, easy and I find it gives me a great sense of satisfaction! This recipe is just one of many types of fermented veggies. Feel free to mix it up with the veggies, herbs or spices that you like.


·       Half a cabbage (any kind you like)

·       2 carrots

·       4 – 5 beetroots

·       4 – 5 cloves of garlic

·       1/2 – 1 teaspoon turmeric

·       1 tablespoon Himalayan salt


1.     Finely grate or chop the veggies – I find doing it the food processor the quickest and easiest way.

2.     Add in the turmeric (you could also add some ginger if you like it) and mix well.

3.     Add in the salt and massage into the veggies until a large amount of liquid has come out. You need enough liquid to completely cover the vegetables when they are in the jar.

4.     Place into jars making sure that you leave at least 2 cm at the top for the veggies to expand. Make sure that the liquid completely covers the veggies (or they will go mouldy). If you need to you could add a small amount of water. You could also cover the veggies with a cabbage leaf and something to weigh them down so they stay covered in liquid.

5.     Pop on the lids and leave on your bench top for at least a week to ferment.

6.     You will be able to see bubbles forming as the veggies ferment. After a week or so, place in the fridge and enjoy a small amount with each meal. To have a slightly different taste, you can leave it for a week or so longer.


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