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Natural Remedy Hip Pain

I’ve seen lots of clients suffering from hip pain, the most common acupuncture treatment method is insert needle into the side of hand. If they have pain in the right side of the hip, I will needle the left hand.

The needle site is just located at the dorsal junction of the thumb and index finger, I will also ask the client moving around the hip while me stimulating the needle. Quite often, the pain was decreased immediately.

But the hand is far from the hip, how this method works?

Acupuncture is all about stimulating the energy flow inside your body, and our bodies have lots of stations throughout the energy pathways, we call these stations as Acu-points. Like our city traffic system, some stations are big and busy, some are small and quiet, and also there are highways and tunnels have direct connection between the two.

The acu-point in your hand is a very busy hub, it has a direct connection to your opposite side of hip, by needling the point and moving around your hip, the energy will gather together like creeks transforming to big river then becoming a giant waterfall pushing into the injured hip. Because there is a long distance between the hand and hip, so there will be huge energy gathering during this pathway and the force of energy will be enormous.  Once the energy can path the hip freely, the pain will go away. That’s how this method of acupuncture works and why it is better than just needling the painful hip.

If you’d like more information and are ready to take a healthier journey, call Joseph Zhang (Dr. of TCM) for a consultation to see how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can empower you to take control and begin a healthy life!

I’m especially interested in sports injury and pain disorder, and ready to help the broad community with my extensive TCM knowledge and substantial skills. I’m also offering Acupuncture and herbs to help with quit smoking, weight loss and fertility.

Joseph Zhang is an acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and qi gong practitioner at Health Space Kingsford.

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