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Kate Wood On Prevention Is Better Than Cure: March Comment From The Founders

Why do people service their cars? 
Why do we water our gardens?
The answer is simple, to keep them working and growing, right? 

Most people take their car to have regular scheduled services. This helps the car to run better, last longer and maintain value. Watering the garden helps it grow healthily and happily. When you stop watering it and it starts to wilt, it can takes ages to try and revive it. So it takes less time and effort just to water it a little bit and often. 

Surprise, surprise, our bodies are like that too!

Prevention is better than cure.

Looking after your body by providing it with good fuel, watering it and having regular services helps it last longer, perform better, feel better and prevents injuries.

What are you doing for your body to help optimise your health and performance? Once you get injured or sick, it can take a lot of time, money and stress to get back on track. So why not try to prevent that in the first place?

Implement changes to your health because you choose to and don't wait until you have to. Is there really anything more important than your health? Can you do or achieve any of your life goals without your health? Don’t wait to be one of those people who spend every cent they have trying to regain their health. Be someone who values their health and thrives!

Here are some tips to help improve your health:

  • Book yourself a regular massage – it’s a necessity for your body and mind (not a luxury)
  • Have regular acupuncture, especially if you are not sleeping well, feeling well or are under a lot of stress
  • Continue with regular chiropractic and physio sessions to help align your body – these are especially important if you sit a lot, have an old injury that needs to be managed or exercise intensely 
  • Drink filtered water – 35+ml per kilogram of body weight per day (more if you are stressed, injured, sick or sweat a lot)
  • Eat a balanced diet – try the FFF rule – fresh food first. If you are indulging then eat something fresh first, like some carrot sticks dipped in hommus. This increases your nutrient intake and also prevents you from over indulging
  • Try kinesiology or life coaching, particularly if you are under stress, finding your memory is not as good as you would like, are experiencing anxiety or you aren’t sleeping well
  • Schedule in social time with positive people who make you feel good. 

We would love to hear from you about how you have helped your health on our social media pages. Email social@healthspaceclinics.com.au with your tips and tricks to maintaining your health, or send any images or videos of you to be featured on our social media pages!

Your challenge this month is to change or add one thing that will improve your health!

Kate Wood is a chiropractor, kinesiologist & doula at Health Space Clinics Rozelle & Mona Vale (although she is currently on maternity leave). She also treats lymes patients.

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