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I have a cold… what now?

Sometimes it doesn't matter how careful and health you are, Winter will win and you will end up with a cold.
Essential oils can really support in managing the symptoms and help you feel better.
Tea Tree  apply to the bottoms of your feet multiple times a day to support your immune system.
Frankincense & OnGuard  take one drop of each in a capsule in the morning to boost your energy and immune defences.
Eucalyptus put three drops in a bowl with hot water, cover yourself with a towel and inhale the hot steam for 15 minutes twice a day to support your sinuses and clear mucus.
OnGuard & Lemon put one drop of each in water and gargle to support throat irritation.
Ginger & Lemon add one drop of each to your favourite herbal tea to soothe your throat and support your body.
For more information talk to our Energetic Healer Luca: luca@healthspaceclinics.com.au
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