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Purpose is somewhat of a buzz word – we hear it everywhere. There is so much noise around 'finding your purpose' but…what if your 'purpose' is not something outside of you? 

What if it's not something you're meant to DO?

What if your ‘purpose’ is actually about BEING, not DOING?

What if your ‘purpose’ is actually to simply BE who you are, and express yourself in the unique way only YOU can? 

What if the pressure to ‘find your purpose’ was taken away? What would be left?

I’m not sure about you, but when I first came across this idea it felt really foreign, like 'what do you mean I just have to be me and that's my purpose?' After much contemplation, I love feeling that 'living your purpose’ means to Simply Just. Be. Me. And that is the first step, and from there our 'work' or 'mission' in the world can be born, discovered…uncovered.

Well, that actually seems so much less complicated. 

And lighter. 

And a lot less pressure.

So, you’re telling me that all I have to do is be myself?!

Yup. That’s it! …But then comes the next step (aka the fun part!). Because I know so many of us don’t actually feel like we know 'who we are' or what our 'unique flavour' is to share with the world. And that's the beautiful adventure that we get to EXPLORE within ourselves and CHOOSE. I know that was true for me, and how I felt not so long ago. And this is where the internal exploration can serve us so well. 

I have the honour to witness this in clinic with my clients on their respective journey’s….

“I felt drained and unclear – my self confidence would come and go and I felt a lack of clarity in my life. After working with Prue, I felt a shift in my energy. With Prue's support I tapped into a place within me that helped guide me to keep moving in a direction that was more aligned and felt good to me. My self belief also strengthened and this helped attract positive experiences into my life.”  

Sophie, 27

"Feeling overwhelmed with too many things going on and working an unfulfilling job. I wanted to gain clarity and trust my instincts on how to move forward towards what I wanted. The sessions with Prue gave me insights into myself which felt freeing and allowed me to take action. It also made me feel less overwhelmed to be able to talk through what was going on, in an environment where I felt safe and supported.”

Kate, 33

What to do if you’re feeling unsure, lost or overwhelmed…

Become a keen observer of yourself in your life to learn where the ease and flow lives.

5 Tips for Feeling Better:

  • Get Curious – notice what triggers you and why.
  • Observe where you feel 'at ease' in your life – is it in your relationships/work/play?
  • How do you enjoy expressing yourself? How often do you spend time doing this?
  • Think back to when you were around 5 or 6yrs old, what did you LOVE spending your time doing then? 
  • Book a session with a practitioner or therapy that you feel drawn to, that can assist you in diving deeper into what may be holding you back.

And ultimately, KNOW that you are already living your purpose just by being here and being You. Yas! doesn't that feel lighter already? Or is that just me?!

Feel free to get in touch with any questions at, or book in for a session with me at Health Space Kings Cross, and we can begin to support you to feeling better. 



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