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How living in #ISO has changed my life so far…

So, one whole month into this COVID-19 pandemic and I have had lots of time to reflect and focus.

I am feeling super sympathetic to those who have lost their jobs, businesses that have had to close, those businesses & individuals that are uncertain of their future or those who have had the virus itself. At the same time, I am also feeling grateful to be able to continue working as a Chiropractor and have a business that is considered an essential service! It’s also been extra special having more time to spend with Dave & Hugo (go-go 16 month old boy).

Being able to continue my 2 days a week work, has kept me sane amongst all this craziness in the world and home alone with a toddler with no one to help out or people to see or Gymbaroo classes to attend☹  So I really look forward to seeing my patients and focusing whole heartedly on the body and just living and breathing health at this time, where people are really listening – even if it did take a global pandemic for people to start practising what I have been encouraging for years😉.

Hugo doesn’t go to daycare, my mum usually minds him on a Thursday. She is devastated that we have decided, for her own health and that of my dad, (who are in their 60s but healthy) to keep Hugo away for now. Bonus is that Hugo is getting extra daddy time 😊 who takes leave on Thursdays. He works in construction which is operating full steam ahead thankfully.

Other than the parks and beaches being closed, which we usually go to everyday, and his music class cancelled, Hugo has no idea what’s going on. I don’t watch the news much at all, perhaps ABC for an update every few days. I feel very lucky that I am not having to deal with homeschooling any kids while working. Hats off to all those parents! The memes on social media and online that have come out of this isolation homeschooling will be with me forever, obviously I find them hilarious because I’m not in the thick of it! Later (way later), I hope those parents going through it now, will look back on this time and laugh too (fingers crossed).

I have given in with screen time. Until Corona hit Hugo had never watched TV, he now watches about 20mins a day of the Wiggles and dances to their songs (Super cute!). There are only so many hours in a day that being inside or at the park on our own that we can fill. The Wiggles’ songs are so catchy- I find myself singing to “Wiggle Town”, “Pretzel dance” & “Go Santa Go” more often than I care to admit.

Exercise has always been a big part of my life, and Dave & I have been lucky enough to borrow some kettlebells from F45 Coogee, where we went religiously before all this! Dave used to get up for 5am classes and I used to have to coax Dave to get home early from work, so I could duck out for a 5pm class before we all had dinner. But 5pm was witching hour and we never got to hang out as a family much until the weekends. Now we do it with Hugo on the F45 app chrome cast up to the big screen. This has shown us that we can workout together in the comfort of our own home (and only sometimes using Hugo as a weight when he gets antsy but most of the time he joins in and we think “How good is this!”).

Over the Easter Weekend Dave got really gung-ho about clearing out our small backyard and ripped out all the plants and landscaped bark ready for some nice Buffalo grass (which we since have found out needs to be laid in September for best chances to grow- so dirt patch it is for the next 5 months…). Aaaaaannnnnd that’s about all we did all weekend….. more updates to follow!

Author: Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan is a chiropractor based out of Health Space Coogee-Randwick & Rozelle, and specialises in pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic care. For more information about Kelly, or to direct her any questions or enquiries, call Health Space Rozelle on 9810 8769.

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