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Healthy habits – Covid-19 2020

Back again 😊

I FaceTimed my sister living in Hong Kong who has no sympathy for my cause here in isolation because she has been in a strict lockdown since the end of January in Hong Kong. However they can now go to restaurants spaced apart with masks on.

We as a family, have adapted some nice healthy habits that we will continue for life I think/hope!…..

-We have magnesium, probiotic & vitamin C powder drinks morning and night. All of us and we have never slept better.

-We turn all devices off at 8pm

-We either read in bed or mediate for 20 minutes or until we fall asleep. (I know you aren’t meant to fall asleep with either of these but they are so relaxing and we are pretty exhausted by the end of the day).

-Dave is finally reading ‘The 5 Languages of Love’ that I have been wanting him to read for years after I initially read it in amazement and leant the book out to everyone I know. Dave’s major love language is Acts of Service so I have stepped it up in the cooking, cleaning and helping department.

– We FaceTime our family and friends every few days. This is probably the only new thing I want to get rid of, because Hugo is terrible with FaceTime always grabbing the phone trying to press the screen after 5 seconds of talk. Plus seeing them in person is obviously ideal and what we usually do.

-We brought bathroom scales because of all the cooking and baking and hence eating we have gotten up to and we got scared after hearing the fact that the average person will put on 6kgs over the COVID-19 isolation period ekkk.

All in all, I feel super lucky and if having a kid hasn’t made me slow down enough, Coronavirus lockdowns certainly have!

Super grateful to the team at Health Space who are taking all the precautions to maintain hygiene and show the other side to all this fear- trusting and supporting our bodies. Of course, the biggest shoutout to those on the front line and beyond, we all thank you!

Author: Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan is a chiropractor based out of Health Space Coogee-Randwick & Rozelle, and specialises in pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic care. For more information about Kelly, or to direct her any questions or enquiries, call Health Space Rozelle on 9810 8769.

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