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Have you tried to quit smoking but have never had success? Try this.

Can a full time smoker be rewired into giving up? Bioresonance therapy has a 85% success rate at helping you curb that craving of nicotine.

Using the Bicom device that was developed over 30 years ago to combat allergies such as hay fever, it was then developed further to treat people for chemical sensitivities, parasites, candida, bacterias and heavy metals, just to name a few, the Stop Smoking Bicom therapy helps to get rid of the cravings by reverting the body’s frequency to what it would have been if you were a non smoker.

What is involved?

You will be given a small glass container and asked to smoke half a cigarette just before the therapy starts, the last half of the cigarette butt along with its ash will be used for treatment. The beaker with the cigarette contains all the information needed for the BICOM machine to work out the ‘energy pattern’ of the nicotine addiction and reverse it. You will be lying on the bed and treatment will commence, initially you will be given a basic meridian de-blocking treatment, toxic elimination detox and an acute lung treatment, then the cigarette inversion program will be conducted followed by a couple of constitutional support programs and a detox.

How does it work?

The BICOM machine works out the electromagnetic pattern of the nicotine. It inverts the energy pattern of the individuals addiction and that pattern will be sent through the body via the electrodes to cancel out the nicotine energy. The resonance of the individual then becomes that of a non-smoker. Although the treatment will take you back to being a non-smoker, it will have no effect mentally. You have to be ready to quit smoking and actually want to quit smoking. It will not stop you from picking up a cigarette again if you choose to do so. It will however curb the craving for the nicotine and help you quit smoking.

Still not convinced? Read what Marta’s client had to say about his experience.

“I have been a heavy smoker for over 35 years. After my first session with Marta I walked out and did not smoke a single cigarette for 5 weeks. I have just had my second treatment and am happy to say I think I may have found a way to finally quit smoking for good. I also plan to have further treatments to rid myself of other toxins in my body that I was not even aware existed, and achieve a higher level of well being, ridding myself of other symptoms I have suffered from for years. Many thanks Marta you star!” ~ Joe

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