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Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

Recently, Health Space has hard a large number of staff going on pregnancy leave! With these very exciting times upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to get the low-down on what exactly can happy to your body during pregnancy and how we can manage it. We sat down with Health Space Coogee chiropractor, Amanda, to find out what she sees most commonly in pregnant women.

1 – What is a common condition you see with pregnant women?

Women often come in to see me towards the end of their pregnancy when they’ve been told that their baby is in a breech, transverse or posterior position. This isn’t an ideal presentation close to the birth date as after 35 weeks baby should be in an anterior position (head down, facing back). This is to ensure that contractions during labour are effective in flexing baby’s head and initiating the descent through the birth canal to facilitate an optimal natural birth.

2 – How does this condition come about?

There are some predisposing factors that reduce the chances of an anterior presentation, including a history of premature delivery, too much or too little amniotic fluid in the uterus or an abnormally shaped uterus.

In practice, many of the pregnant women who come in to have this issue treated with me also present with lifestyle factors that may contribute to these undesirable presentations that can often be avoided or managed.

·       High stress levels during pregnancy, especially in the 3rd trimester, can lead to muscle tension, which can limit flexibility of the pelvis and limit baby’s room to move.

·       Long periods of sitting (often at a desk for work) can also lead to broad ligament tightness (at the front of the pelvis) and limit baby’s movement.

3 – What would you do to treat this condition and how can your clients help this condition through lifestyle or other adjustments?

Women come to see me during their pregnancy for chiropractic adjustments that can help their body to function better under the stresses of pregnancy. Webster’s is a technique I use that helps to improve the relationship between the sacrum and the broad ligament to create pelvic balance and to encourage baby to move into the desired position ready for birth.

Of course, the earlier I see women through their pregnancy, the greater effect the chiro care has on their overall comfort and function throughout their pregnancy.

I also prescribe various stretches and exercises and encourage pregnant women to maintain a regular exercise regime to optimise their body’s function and baby’s chance at a successful birth.

Dr Amanda Galati, Chiropractor

Amanda is based in Health Space Coogee-Randwick. Her special interest lies in pregnancy care, to allow all women a safe and effective option for symptom relief during pregnancy and to facilitate a natural birth.

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