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Attention Office Workers/Workers Office

Attn Office workers.. 


Are you suffering from Shoulder and Neck tension?


Your shoulder blades are the link between your neck and shoulder tension. When the shoulder blades are in an unnatural position for prolonged periods (i.e. up to 6 hours a day) the neck and shoulders suffer. 


Hours spent at the desk results in the gradual decline into a hunched state. As your body slowly accommodates for your prolonged hunched state muscles either slowly start to shorten and seize up or lengthen out and become weak. 


One of the most common muscles to shorten is the pectoralis muscles. You may have heard of the "pecs" muscles, there is 2 of them on each side connecting your sternum and ribs to your shoulder.


If you poke into your muscles a few centimetres below your collar bone and feel along the space between your shoulder and sternum this area might feel quite tender. If so…


The not so good news: 

Chances are your pec minor is tight and short if you are sitting at a desk all day. 


The good news: 

There are a variety of techniques you can utilise to lengthen out the pec muscles.



1. Roll up a towel into a compact sausage and put it on the ground, lie on the towel so it is running straight down your spine. Now spread your arms out wide with palms facing up. Hold the stretch for 20+ secs and try a few times a day 




2. Stretch in a door way like so… (20+ secs) 




3. Use a tennis or spikey ball on the tender spots on your chest, lean into a wall and give yourself a massage until the tenderness starts to ease.


If you have been suffering from persistent shoulder or neck tension and discomfort you don't have to! By sticking to a routine of postural adjustment through strengthening and stretching you can leave shoulder and neck pain behind. 

The expertise of a physio or chiro can tailor a program to efficiently and safely reduce neck or shoulder tension. 


Sam Mullany is a Physiotherapist at Health Space Clinics in Potts Point and Rozelle. 
To book with Sam please call (02) 8354 1534 

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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