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Naturopathy and Nutrition are complementary health modalities that work in a similar way to achieve a state of optimal health. Using a very holistic approach, the aim is not only treat the symptoms but search for the causative factors in order to prevent illness. Through doing this, naturopathy and/or nutritional advice can help restore your basic body physiology, allowing it to function at its best.

Working with diet, sleep hygiene, exercise habits and mental health, we can help with all kinds of conditions.

Conditions Treated:

  • digestive complaints
  • skin conditions
  • food allergies and intolerances
  • weight
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • hormonal imbalances
  • hypertension
  • auto immune diseases
  • fatigue

Your First Consultation:

In the initial consultation, the practitioner will go through details of your current & past health concerns and review different aspects of your lifestyle. This information along with other details elicited from the consultation, will give the practitioner a clearer understanding of what may be happening in your body to create a disturbance in health.

In the report of findings consultation, the practitioner will offer the client a personalised treatment plan based on the health and lifestyle information obtained during the initial consultation. This plan includes an easy, step-by-step guide to reaching the individuals health goals, meal plans along with lifestyle advice.

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Naturopathy & Nutrition

VLA and other Testing.

Here at Health Space we provide a range of testing available:

VLA (Vitality, Longevity and Healthy-ageing): used to give an indication of your biological age – benefits anyone interested in weight loss, muscle gain, increased health and vitality, preventing disease as a result of ageing, and anyone recovering from an injury.

pH test: measures the acid/alkaline balance of fluids

Zinc tally test: tests the zinc status of the individual

Urinary indicans test: measures the level of intestinal dysbiosis

Ketostix: used to measure ketones in the urine and to monitor fat metabolism

Hair tissue mineral analysis: this non-invasive pathology test measures the levels and comparative ratios of nutrients and toxic minerals found in the hair

Supplements and Herbal Medicine.

Our Health Space clinics stock a wide variety of high-quality practitioner-only supplements. Please contact our clinic for more details on the products available.

Nutrition and Eating Plans

Our nutritionists at Health Space are passionate about healthy living. Our aim is to educate you on the benefits of healthy eating, and help you on your way to a healthy, rewarding lifestyle change.

By reviewing your current diet, our nutritionists are able to determine the key improvements that need to be made and give you advice on how to make them. By giving you these tailored nutrition plans, you are able to take steps that are specific to your body’s individual needs, allowing you to achieve the best results possible.

Weight Loss

At Health Space, our qualified nutritionists, naturopaths and dietitians are able to design specific weight loss programs that are based on your individual needs.


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Initial Consultation $130
Report of Findings (2nd visit) $98
Standard Consultation $88
Short Consultation $68
VLA Only $40
  • VLA - cellular & bio age testing
  • Detox & Weight Loss Programs
  • Supplements
  • Herbal Mixtures
  • Diet plans and Recipes