Our Team At Sydney CBD

Dr Alex Hopwood

Chiropractor B.Chiro.Sc, Postural Rehabilitation and Performance Conditioning.

Alex was introduced to chiropractic through his mother when she began suffering from debilitating migraines. In order to try and relieve her pain, he took it upon himself to learn massage. At only 17, he desired to learn more and became a chiropractic assistant developing a passion for health. After a successful course of chiropractic treatments, his mother no longer suffered from migraines. Upon seeing the benefits of chiropractic, Alex enrolled into the Bachelors of Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University with the hope that upon graduation he could help others to achieve a pain free, healthy life, just like his mum did!

Alex believes maintaining proper body alignment to prevent spinal, nerve and general health degeneration is very important and often over looked. Alex is passionate about the implementation of specific rehabilitation programs (in combination with chiropractic care) that focus on proper alignment of the body in order to initially relieve numerous common neck and back pain and then strengthen to prevent re-injury.

Alex grew up around the lower North Shore area. He enjoys going to the gym and can often be seen working out at the Vision Personal Training gym and Fitness First.

Alex loves being part of the Health Space team and looks forward to meeting the community and helping reach their health goals.