Our Team At Rozelle Inner West

Dr. Taylor Harrison

Chiropractor B.Science, M.Chiro

Taylor is passionate about Chiropractic care for all ages, right from babies through to the elderly. He started his career focusing on Chiropractic specific to sports injuries and performance, and now incorporates Chiropractic wellness care, including exercise, nutrition and emotional well-being. 

He believes that holistic health care is the ideal approach to health and that this approach can achieve great results for his clients. He attends conferences every month to further his knowledge and has attended numerous conferences both here and overseas to get the latest information on Chiropractic techniques. His techniques include the very gentle low force techniques for babies (and adults who prefer a gentler approach), through to the deep tissue and manual release techniques. 

He loves introducing kids to Chiropractic and seeing the wonderful results they get from this very gentle, natural care. In some cases with his little clients they love climbing up onto the table and may be upset if it's not their turn! To further his skills in working with kids and pregnancy, he completed a Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic Pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Taylor's goal is to inspire, educate and motivate his clients to be in the best health possible. He believes that Chiropractic wellness care is a great way to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle and enjoy life to its fullest. This is appropriate for many elite sports people to mums and dads, successful business people and right through to babies.

Taylor also practices what he preaches keeping active and healthy. He loves many sports, but in particular running, cycling, tennis, soccer and touch football. He tries to fit as much exercise into his busy schedule as possible. Taylor is a Rozelle local, a real part of the community.