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Health Space Rozelle has been serving the Inner West community through chiropractic care since 2006. We have a number of dedicated chiropractors who have diverse skills in treating the community - at any life stage or stage of care, our team of chiropractors love to support you. 

Our team pride ourselves in specialising in a number of areas. From pregnancy and paediatric care, sports injuries, spine and joint correction, headaches, lower back, neck and joint pain, to enhancing your wellbeing through chiropractic kinesiology and maintenance care, our team is able to treat according to individualised needs and concerns. See our range of chiropractic techniques here.

Our team members use evidence based care in order to deliver the best treatment outcomes for you and your health. We meet our clients wherever they are at on their health journey and use the understanding that having a functional, healthy nervous system is the foundation for good spinal health.

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