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Dr Keiran Shanahan



Keiran has practiced as a chiropractor for over 22 years. His introduction to the profession began when he heard a chiropractor speak at a Year 12 Careers Day and was intrigued to learn about the nervous system’s primacy in controlling and organising health. Later when he visited the chiropractor’s practice he mentioned an annoying chronic skin infection that had resisted every treatment his doctor gave him. The chiropractor ignored the skin, but knowing which nerves supplied that area, went straight to the corresponding level of the spine. After his second adjustment the chronic infection that had been steadily worsening over many months cleared up completely. The bleeding and weeping stopped and fresh skin regrew in less than two weeks. Now he was thoroughly captivated and knew that he would go on to study chiropractic.

Whilst Keiran loves a number of different techniques he likes to focus on gentle approaches which target the nervous system’s response. He has studied various chiropractic techniques including Thompson Technique, SOT, Applied Kinesiology (AK), Chiropractic Biophysics, Torque Release Technique and his favourite which is Activator Methods. He has a keen interest in helping patients understand their own stress physiology and how they might engage in ways to harness healthier responses.

Keiran is married to one of Australia’s favourite children’s authors, Lisa Shanahan and together they have three awesome boys: Bryn, Riley and Rohan. Keiran is a keen kitesurfer who often sneaks down to Botany Bay in his lunch breaks on windy days. He is an overly excited spectator at Bryn’s soccer games, loves his weekly date-night with his wife, finds all his boys incredibly interesting, humourous and engaging, is way too fond of coffee and dining out, is an enthusiastic member of his church and is passionate about life-long learning.

Keiran has further qualifications in Chiropractic Paediatrics (RMIT), counselling (St Mark’s and Institute of Emotionally Focused Therapy) has studied theology (Morling) and is also embarking on a Masters degree in Education (UWS). He doesn’t own a television and wonders when in the world he would have the time for it anyway.