Our Team At Mosman Lower North Shore

Dr. Clyde Jin


Clyde is a dedicated, compassionate and encouraging chiropractor in Mosman Healthspace Clinic. With extensive soft tissue knowledge and experience, he is able to demonstrate strong clinical expertise with the ability to assess and investigate patients’ symptoms and make accurate diagnoses.

Clyde has successfully completed his Bachelor and Master degrees in Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University, Sydney.  Clyde also holds prior degrees as a  Master of Commerce from Sydney University. Clyde’s strong academic background has enabled him to develop a solid understanding of the functions and vital processes of the human body. He is thus a strong believer in the crucial nature of maintaining properly functioning musculoskeletal and nervous systems to achieve optimal health.

Clyde has committed to the latest scientific and medical research with the aim of improving the effectiveness of chiropractic care. He has developed the ability to integrate his approach to chiropractic treatment to include the co-management of patients’ conditions with input from other healthcare professionals including medical, physio, massage and naturopathic practitioners as well as personal trainers.

After attending many educational seminars, observing and practicing with several practitioners in different disciplines, Clyde keeps advancing in multiple chiropractic and manual skills. He will cater treatment to suit each individual patient to maximize benefits.

As a huge fan of cycling, cardio and weights training, Clyde remains as active as possible. His diverse experience with exercise and injuries gives him first knowledge of what specific treatment is more appropriate to regain the function. He has illustrated ability to apply useful, tactful and safe advice to patients regarding their fitness program based on individual’s needs, goals, abilities and anatomy. He also has experience treating athletes of all levels at various sporting events.