Our Team At Lane Cove North Shore

Clare has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1984. She was inspired to study TCM after living in Bali and absorbing the culture for a year. Clare observed how the traditional ways of life there aimed to maintain harmony between the universe and human life, and realised that health is something the individual needs to take responsibility for. Her treatments aim is to help you regain your balanced health and maintain it – the truly, preventative healing way.

Clare works primarily in treating women’s fertility issues. From her extensive experience, she knows it is vital to clear blocked energy and rebuild the body to its optimum level of health before proceeding with specific treatments that enable conception. She has helped women to conceive, both naturally and with IVF, and also throughout pregnancy, including dealing with breech position babies and preparing for birth.

Other health issues Clare focuses on include pain management, digestion and respiratory issues, having felt the benefits herself in these areas.

Clare has always been drawn to yoga and belly dance, both of which she is a teacher, and has practised Buddhist meditation and mindfulness techniques for many years. She draws on these ancient traditions to deepen the effect of your acupuncture sessions, to further nourish your body-mind.

Clare holds a Bachelor of Acupuncture, Sydney, a post graduate Certificate of Acupuncture from Guangzhou, China. She maintains and upgrades her knowledge by attending numerous seminars and webinars and by researching the latest developments in natural health, including diet, supplements, and exercise.

Clare is a member of AACMA and AHPRA.