Our Team At Hornsby Upper North Shore

Dr. Debbie Miller

Chiropractor & Kinesiologist B.Chiro Sc, M.Chiro, Dip Acu

Debbie was born in Brisbane and spent much of her formative years living overseas until she was a young adult.  Exposure to different cultures as a young person taught her that there are many approaches to leading a successful, happy and healthy life.  Whilst living in the South Pacific and South East Asia as a teenager, she was exposed to a wealth of experiences which opened her mind to being accepting of different health approaches and the wisdom of Herbal and Chinese medicine.

The experience of growing up in developing countries demonstrated that modern medicine does not hold all the answers to sound health strategies.  She has come to believe that with some discipline and the right amount of health information in the right quantities, the human body is a remarkable self healing device!

Whilst working as a chiropractor, Debbie has achieved extensive post graduate training in the areas of structural, biochemical and emotional health using chiropractic modalities such as Diversified, Drop-Piece, Sacro-Occipital and Cranial Technique, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Dry Needling and Activator Technique.

This variety of techniques allows her to work with people who come in all shapes and sizes, ages and health profiles.  “At Healthspace we will always find ways to improve your current health status and advise and motivate you to be even better than you were before! Debbie is a member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.  She is married with three beautiful teen age children and lives in the North shore suburbs of Sydney.