An expert approach to modern-day chiropractic treatment

At Health Space Hornsby, our experienced chiropractic team pride ourselves on using the most effective, evidence-based approach available for your chiropractic care.

Our chiropractors specialise in the functionality of your nervous system, as we believe it is a crucial aspect of any chiropractic care. Our clinic provides a range of testing facilities to ensure that we can optimise and specialise your chiropractic treatment.  As part of your initial appointment, we will assess your symptoms and prime health concerns.  This may involve posture assessment, lfestyle considerations, functional movement tests, muscle strength testing and orthopaedic tests.  We also may refer you for spinal xrays in order to properly assess your health concerns.  Common conditions that chiropractic care can help with are: sports injuries, muscle and joint strengthening and stability, pelvic strengthening and stability, joint and tissue trauma and common body pain ailments such as back and neck pain, jaw problems and headaches including tension and migraine.

Our Chiropractic Team - Debbie, Amanda, Top, James and Mark are experts in developing plans to best suit your needs and resolve your health concerns within definable timeframes.

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Health Space Hornsby is accredited with all the major health funds, for more information contact your health insurer.

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