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An expert approach to modern-day chiropractic treatment

Health Space Coogee- Randwick’s experienced chiropractic team prides itself on using the most effective, evidence-based approach available for your chiropractic care.

Our chiropractors specialise in the functionalities of the nervous system, as we believe it is a crucial aspect of any chiropractic care.

Our special areas of interest include pregnant women, pelvic biomechanics, pediatrics, scoliosis, posture, injury prevention and arthritis management. 

We all know how important is is to service our biomechanical structures like our cars to keep them from breaking down. But our human bodies are the same- just like servicing your car makes it run better and last longer- choosing to proactively manage your health and body with preventative healthcare does the same thing!

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Feel free to email with a brief case history and she will let you know whether massage, chiro, physio, acupuncture or something completely different may be best for you. 




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