A holistic approach to identifying your body’s imbalances

By looking at your health as a whole, our expert team use Kinesiology in order to identify imbalances that may be causing health concerns.

Kinesiology is an advanced and holistic therapy that is based on the science of energy balancing and uses muscle monitoring or bio feedback to identify imbalances in the body that may be causing health concerns. It looks at health as a whole, addressing not just the symptoms in the physical body, but the biochemical and emotional environment of each individual.

Through the process of gentle muscle monitoring techniques, our specialists are able to gain an insight into muscle patterns – which assists them in locating imbalances within the body. 

Treatment includes the use of the following techniques:

  • tapping
  • emotional release
  • massage
  • magnets 
  • oils
  • nutritional advice
  • acupuncture

Beneficial for the following:

  1. Physical problems such as headaches, migraines, ligament, muscle, bone or joint pain or strain.
  2. Chemical imbalances such as food allergies/sensitivities/malabsorption, hormonal imbalances (PCOS, endometriosis, infertility), nutritional toxicity or deficiency.
  3. Emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, recovery from emotional overload (e.g. verbal abuse, death of someone close to you, severe accident, diagnosis of a disease)

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