Our Team At Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs

Dr Richard Sloane

Chiropractor, BSc (Anatomy), M Chiro

Richard was introduced to Chiropractic (well actually Osteopathy), when he was about 10 years old, because of spinal and shoulder dysfunction. He remembers the deep tissue massage was quite painful but very effective, and the adjustments being painless and equally effective! 


At that time Richard had been undecided on his career path and chose to become an Osteopath as it fit perfectly with his philosophy that health comes from the inside out and that physical therapy aimed at improving bodily, specifically spinal, function was a legitimate alternative andcompliment to mainstream medical care. 


Richard was also attracted to a job which was physical and involved helping people improve their sports performance by reducing, and largely preventing, injuries. He later got the big picture that 'Chiropractic' was critical in enhancing peoples health and well being. 


After the Osteopathic college in Kensington closed down, he chose to study Chiropractic instead, figuring that the two were very similar and that he could adapt his technique to his own style.


He has been one of the principal Chiropractors & owners in busy practices in Randwick and Campbelltown and has done locum work for other Chiropractors. He has 26 years clinical experience and knowledge of a variety of techniques, mainly applying diversified, gonstead, chiropractic biophysics (CBP), activator & specific deep tissue massage. He can be gentle or more physical as required. Richard's focus is on structural improvement, as structure governs function, so expect to be referred for special Xrays to assist this. He also utilises deep tissue massage as part of the corrective process.


Richard enjoys running, swimming, bodysurfing and board surfing on a regular basis and loves all sports. As a child/ young adult, he played competition tennis, soccer, athletics, volleyball and cricket. 


He lives in Bondi and loves finally working close to home at Health Space Bondi Junction.